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The aerial picture gallery
of Hungarian settlements

We are proud to welcome the visitors of the photogallery about some parts of the Kárpát basin, and the towns, cities, villages, landscapes, natural and built monuments of Hungary. During our flights, we have taken and we are permanently taking 100 thousands of artistic, high resolutional aerial photos, with the latest digital technology. Among the professional database of these aerial photos the visitors can search by locations. The aerial pictures can be ordered in good quality and high resolution at our contacts and our customers can even ask for a new flight if the requested location can't be found in our aerial photo archives. Of course we are not able to upload all our aerial photos to our website, so if You are in a search for some aerial photographs, please e-mail us and we will send our pictures of the requested location in low resolution.

Our archive aerial photos, which were taken on negatives are available also on the website.

Our photo archive is expanding, please visit again, and if You liked our photos, please reccomend to Your friends.

Civertan Grafikai Stúdió

E-mail: | Telephone: 06 1 332 3261
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